17th November, 2017



Breakthrough launched a digital campaign #AlreadyLovely in response to the recent dove commercial on the internet.

The consumer market of India, where majorities of people are dark-skinned, is flooded with fairness products, reinforcing the only standard color of beauty to be white while rejecting others. This perception for years has been blatantly masked under the cover of ‘’harmless humor’’ and continues to disparage people of color. Hence, to break the stereotype ‘white is beauty’, Breakthrough encouraged the netizens to come out in solidarity by uploading their selfies and tag Hindustan Unilever, the pioneer of fairness products to tell them beauty comes in all colors.

Breakthrough got some very interesting responses from girls, who shared their pictures with their stories on their Instagram handle:

Neha Prasad Ainsworth, Instagram user said “ I look confident in my photos. Right? That wasn’t always the case. It takes time and effort to break out of that mould. But you can do it. There are more of us who are proud of our skin. And you can be too.” #AlreadyLovely “

Jayita Sen, Instagram user along with her picture wrote “Here I go with my dark skin. I don’t need to be fair in skin tone . I need to be lovely in my mind and shout against everything that is  unfair.” #AlreadyLovely.

It has been seen time and again that Indians have complained about racism outside their native land but how do they deal with their own colorist perceptions in India has rarely been reflected upon. Hence, it’s important we take cognizance of the stereotypical perceptions about colour that we live with and heal them with conscious conversations around the issue.

Last year too, Breakthrough had launched a digital campaign, #DarkSkinNotAJoke, to reflect on the beauty stereotypes we continue to live with in the era of fairness crèmes. The campaign was also joined by the Indian actress, Tannishtha Chatterjee.

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