21st August, 2018
Patna – Event.

Breakthrough is hosting a panel discussion in Patna. the objective of the event will be to scale up conversation about gender based violence with media and youth.

Early marriage is a result of gender based violence and over a period of time many surveys have been undertaken and shared with media to onboard their support in improving the situation and clearly, there is a shift in the awareness of people as well.

However, despite people being aware of the repercussions, the fear of breaking the social norm is far higher than breaking the law among them.

While we want to take every step forward in addressing the issue of early marriage but it won’t be effective unless we broaden up our conversations with media and young thinkers beyond data. There is a need to reflect on current norms, popular culture, women at the grassroots, all of which together contribute significantly in de-valuing the women and establishing their only function as marriage.

We would have three following panels:

  • Why communities don’t want to invest on girls, despite the keen interest of organisations, institutions and government and what’s the way forward.
  • What if the age of marriage is raised to 21 for girls?
  • Portrayal of women in bhojpuri cinema: Is there a need to shift the narrative.
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