12th February, 2018

Women have a complicated relationship with money and it begins at birth.

Why do parents want a boy over a girl? Because, the boy will grow up and take ‘care’ of them. For the girls, who manage to make it to this world, it continues at every step of their lives. They are told they are not good at math. They don’t need a high paying job. What they need is a settled job so that they can easily manage work and home. Why do women want to learn how to save? They have their fathers , brothers and husbands! Trust the men to take care of their women.

Oh, most importantly, women must remember that they can’t handle money. They are just not good at it! Women and finance? Nah!

We women have lived and heard it all. We have literally been told these things so many times that a lot of us live our lives believing these things.

Look at tv ads of bank loans. Most of them advise people to save cash for ‘daughter’s weddings’, but ads never show daughters discussing finances. Rather boys are shown in these ads  #GirlsTalkMoney

in a domestic cylinder tv ad, the cylinder delivery guy advises a female consumer to ‘put a lid on vessels and end up saving 20 % cash’, if she was keen to buy more things in future. Markets thus harp on sexist notions that women alone cook and are spendthrifts #GirlsTalkMoney

So, what are we going to do about it? We are going to get people talking, specifically girls and women! We will talk finance. We will talk about the credit we are owed and the debts we have been burdened with. So, do join us because this tax season is going to get super interesting!

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